Review of 2018

Well this year has been pretty incredible.  Exhibiting both as SCI and as Soup Collective, we seem to have been showing our work for most of the year!

Thank you to all of the artists who have been involved in this years projects and here’s to an exciting 2019 to look forward to!

A reminder of what we did for the Independents Biennial this year ..

Firstly, our exhibition at St John’s Market

….and then the bigger exhibition at George Henry Lees which included more artists

Exhibiting artists  (in no particular order )

Sharon Mossbeck
Alison Whitmore
Artemis Potamianou
Carol Ramsay
Julie Dodd
Debra Eck
Wendy Williams
Pamela Sullivan
Jackie Berridge
Graham Smillie
Jackie Kerr
Michael Borkowsky
Catherine Harrison
Ruth Morrissey


They sail across the mirrored sea

Exhibition Flyer. st johns (2)

They Sail across the Mirrored Sea

9 -22 August.  St Johns, Liverpool

This exhibition brings together artists under the banner of SCI, whose collective aim is to connect with similar artists. The artists met though international programmes and exhibitions, maintaining a strong relationship with each other and continue to collaborate with others.
Forming a part of the Independents Biennial, the artists have each hosted exhibitions or projects that have provided opportunities for others
Exhibiting artists: Jackie Berridge, Michael Borkowsky, Debra Eck, Catherine Harrison, Jacqueline F Kerr, Sharon Mossbeck, Artemis Potamianou, Alison Whitmore and Wendy Williams
Jackie Berridge, a Nottingham based artist, exhibits nationally and internationally. In 2017 she had solo shows at the Rabley Contemporary Drawing Centre, Marlborough and the Tarpey Gallery (which featured in the Guardian). This year Jackie was also invited to show in Seoul, Athens and London. A solo show at Winchester College gallery is programmed in for 2019.
She is Director of Harrington Mill Studios.

Michael Borkowsky is a Sheffield based artist exploring scent as a way of communicating. His ongoing project, entitled Perfume as Practice, sees Michael utilise the craft of perfumery and, through an established method of interpretation and investigation, create portraits that capture the essence of the subject. Perfume as Practice has taken the guise of exhibitions, residencies and workshops throughout the UK and internationally.

Debra Eck is an internationally exhibited book and installation artist who works primarily with paper, text and thread. Originally from Essex in the UK, she has lived and worked in Western New York for over 20 years. She received a BFA in painting from the University at Buffalo and an MA in Visual Culture from the University of Northumbria in Newcastle (UK).  She teaches as an adjunct at Jamestown Community College and SUNY Fredonia, and for many other arts and cultural organizations.

Catherine Harrison is inspired by history, decay, cycles, nature, meaning and symbolism and these themes are referenced in her work. There is a clear interest in alchemy and how a variety of metals can be changed and manipulated through various corrosive chemicals and forces.

Jacqueline F Kerr is a Liverpool based artist specialising in printmaking. Her mixed media work represents a visual travelogue.

Sharon Mossbeck is a UK based Conceptual Artist. Her work focuses on themes of death and religion, with other influences coming from medicine and history. Mossbeck’s atheist beliefs spark a fascination with religion, and her work is perhaps best understood as exploring and questioning how it must be to have faith, in stark opposition to her own views on what happens after death. In a broader sense, these themes extend to work based on the sea and ancient myths

Artemis Potamianou is an artist and curator who is currently based in Athens. Potamianou has had (21) one-person exhibitions and she has participated in more than100 group shows (1st Biennale of Thessalonica, the BIDA – Biennale of Spain, 3rd Athens Biennale, Vista Mare Foundation (Pescara), International Young Art 2002: Sotheby’ s Amsterdam, Sotheby’ s Tel Aviv, Sotheby’ s Moscow, Biennale Internazionale Dell’ Arte Contemporanea (Florence) and Open 15 – International Exhibition,(Venice) etc.) She has curated more than 50 exhibitions of important artists of international scene. She has curated solo and retrospective exhibitions of Joseph Beuys, Terry Atkinson, Peter Greenaway, Candice Brietz, Guerrilla Girls, etc. Potamianou is the Director and founder of Platforms Project – Independent Art Fair of Athens. She is the radio presenter and producer of Art Therapy, a radio talk-show about visual art at Beton7 radio since 2011

Alison Whitmore is based in Nottingham. Her found objects and personal treasures are elevated into ‘valuable’ artefacts through the visual language of religious pieces and reliquary. Using the language of 3 dimensions, she alludes to aspects of human experience; life, love and death. By contemplating what signifies value, she challenges the societal notions of monetary worth, and analyses her relationship to objects on which she has conferred meaning and value.

Wendy Williams set up SCI in 2011 and is curating this exhibition. Based at Alternator studio on the Wirral, she has exhibited both nationally and Internationally showing her installations and handmade books.

The exhibition title They sail across the Mirrored Sea is taken from the poem by Wendy Chen.
Exhibition image courtesy of Alison Whitmore

Unweave a Rainbow

soup at tate 18

Last week Tate staff unveiled their latest exhibition at Tate Liverpool, Unweave a Rainbow. Part of the Independents Biennial programme,  coincides with the city-wide Liverpool Biennial 2018 in which Tate Liverpool is a host venue.

The exhibition brings together employees from Liverpool and the London sites. Featuring painting, print, sculpture, ceramics, and video the exhibition responds to the John Keats poem Lamia (1820) from which the title Unweave a Rainbow is taken.

Staff, family and friends attended the launch last week and the exhibition continues until 5 August in the Group Reception Room.

The exhibited artists are: Abbey Tole, Jason Richardson, Daniel John, Lilly Nelson, Catherine Harrison, Mella Moylan, Joe Richardson, John Hughes, Ruth Morrissey, Darren Chapman, Steve Edwards, Matthew Nightingale, Keiron Finnetty, Janet Wilkinson, Tifany Kendall, Louise Waller, Kaitlyn Walker-Stewart, Jackie Kerr, and Wendy Williams.

A few images from the PV…

…and some of the works…  More to be added soon


Thanks to Sam Carr, Tifany Kendall and Wendy Williams for the images

The Unseen

It’s been a few months since we exhibited together as a group, but finally we are back – exhibiting as Soup Collective.

Find us at CASS ART Liverpool, from 26th February

cass soup

The Unseen
An exhibition from Soup Collective

26th Feb – 31st March 2018 Cass Art, 18 School Lane, Liverpool L1 3BT

The Soup Collective is a group of artists who met through connections with Tate Liverpool. The group formed in 2001 and since then has extensively exhibited in the UK and abroad.
The artists have been looking at the sometimes hidden and unseen sides of life and have produced a diverse and thought provoking range of work for this exhibition.

Stephen Edwards
Keiron Finnetty
Catherine Harrison
John Hughes
Tifany Kendall
Jackie Kerr
Alicia Y Talikowska
Louise Waller
Janet Wilkinson
Wendy Williams

Image by Keiron Finnetty

Catch up

Catch up
The title is not just about ‘catching up ‘on this blog, but saying literally what we’ve been doing this year.
So…what’s been happening since ‘Coded’ in Athens this year?

In July, we exhibited our handmade books at the Artists Book fair in Liverpool. It was good to show a range of work from so many artists, but also it was a chance to sit and talk to people. It was successful on so many levels and we’ll definitely do it again next year.

Book fair
One of the people exhibiting with us, was NY based artist Debra Eck. Debra set up the ‘Colonize’ exhibition a few years ago. We then had the opportunity to go across, exhibit, meet artists ( and do some wonderful sightseeing!)
It was good to not only remind people that we’d worked with other artists on an international level, but also it was a useful introduction to her visit to the UK in August.
Debra ran a Coptic stitch workshop at Alternator studios, in which the participants included some of the book artists we’d met at the Book Fair.

coptic workshop

While all of the above was going on, we were continuing our correspondences (and friendships!) with artists we’d met in Athens. Of course, we’d ‘clicked’ with the Nottingham based Harrington Mill group on our first visit to the Athens Art fair, so we had kept in touch (meeting them again in Greece this year) but we’d also got on well with the MNKY BIZ group who were in the next booth.
The group were based in Berlin, so we (SCI & Harrington Mill) headed over to Germany in September to check out what the artists were doing. It was also Berlin Art week, so we got to see a LOT of Art. Its very likely we will go back next year to check out a big exhibition one of the group will be setting up.

Most of the group are exhibiting as individuals as well, so it may not look like things are happening, but rest assured they are !


Poster coded

This year, SCI will once again be taking part in Platforms Project, the Independent Art Fair of Athens.

Fitting in with the projects’ criteria of platforms-groups that produce works or projects together, SCI will be collaborating with 22 individual artists from around the UK, producing works about consumerism and branding. The artists have produced food and drinks labels highlighting their responses to coding.
SCI Artists exhibiting :
Michael Borkowsky , Catherine Harrison, Jacqueline F Kerr, Sharon Mossbeck,
Elizabeth Wheeler, Wendy Williams
Participating ‘Coded’ artists:
Craig Barmer, Jackie Berridge, Jo Brown, May Chong, Lyn Carruthers , Brian Daines , Alan Dunn, Lee Green, Jake Harries, Claire Lee, Deb Lee, Sonja Benskin Mesher , Ruth Morrissey, Sufea Mohamad Noor, Ben Parkin, Janine Pinion, Sadie Renwick, Karen Scott, Sharon Hall Shipp, Richard Shipp, Marcin Szuba, Myfanwy Williams

Platforms Project

20 -25 May 2017
Cultural Centre ,Charilaou Trikoupi Str. 121, 114 73 Athens
Find us at Booth F5.
We would once again like to thank Arts Council England for their support.
You can follow updates of the exhibition by finding SCI on Twitter or Facebook






Fuse 3

We are now preparing for the FUSE 3 exhibition in Sheffield which opens next week.

The exhibition brings together 9 artists representing their groups from 3 UK Cities – Exchange Place Studios Sheffield, SCI Liverpool and Harrington Mill Nottingham.

Exhibition artists are:

Michael Borkowsky, Brian Daines, Karen Davies (Sheffield)
Catherine Harrison, Jacqueline F Kerr, Wendy Williams (Liverpool)
Jackie Berridge, Dee Shiels, Alison Whitmore (Nottingham)



With support from Arts Council England, we were able to continue with our programme – travelling up to Sheffield and reaching out to a wider audience.


The title ‘FUSE’ is taken from the work we exhibited in Athens.  All of the artists in the Platform exhibition have exhibited in FUSE Sheffield, but like most of SCI’s exhibitions, we have gathered artists on the way.

Images courtesy of Michael Borkowsky

Images from the exhibition :Relics

Using donated ceramics (many from Baltic Clay ) as a starting point, the artists involved in the exhibition set out to alter and adapt the pieces .


A poetry event based on ‘Relics’ was also organised and well attended

Read an interview with the curator :    and a review   :