what we’ve done and how we got here

It seems odd to start a blog sort of in the middle instead of right at the beginning, but that’s how things are. So much has happened in the last couple of years that we forget to blog or keep up the website, so we lost it and had to start again…

So here we are again.

For background info, you can look at the CV or the about pages, or like us on our facebook page SCI

So now you know that we started as Soup Collective, which was great but kind of restrictive as to be in the group, you had to work at Tate Liverpool. We needed to change, to evolve so that we could still exhibit as one group but also to include others – ‘outsiders’ and break into the International circle.  SC became SCI – a simple but effective change.

We began to collaborate with Leeds based group Basement Arts Project and added another pseudonym – SCIBase.  Together we exhibited at SUPERMARKET in Stockholm and through that we were invited to exhibit in NY……..

Images shown are exhibitions from Tromso to NY. Top image Debra Eck.


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