Month: March 2014

The PV invites

Colonize will be spread over two galleries in Jamestown NY – 3rd on 3rd Gallery  and Dykeman Young 

Work shown on the Dykeman Young card is a textile piece by Elena Thomas  and the cover for their sound piece collaboration by Alan Dunn and Martin Rainford is shown on the 3rd on 3rd card.

The list of artists for both exhibitions can be found on the artists page on this site

Getting ready

In two weeks, Wendy Williams and Jean McEwan will head across to Jamestown NY, a few days ahead of the others.

The early start will enable them to take part in SWAN (The support women artists now network) as part of Women Create, on 29 March.  This is an additional opportunity to network and let people know about our own work.

By now, most of the larger works have been sent across to the US and we are gathering up the smaller, postcard size works from our guest artists.

It’s difficult to know what to expect when we set the brief of ‘A5 works, that are light and have the theme of Colonise’ so we were quite amazed at the diversity of works.

Not only that, but the geographical area covered was quite surprising. We expected some international responses; after all we don’t all reside in the UK ourselves.   Susanne Torstensson (from Vasteras, Sweden) Andrew Crighton (Jonkoping Sweden) and Debra Eck (Jamestown New York) but got a lot more back than we anticipated.

An interesting response was from LVLLDS -a new project set up to develop creative links between Louisville and Leeds.  For COLONIZE.NY they commissioned Hannah Stacey – a student artist in Leeds – to take photographic material created for an existing LVLLDS project and turn this into a new art piece which responded to the themes of the exhibition

Then let’s not forget Kimbal Bumstead … battling the freezing elements as he hitchhikes from Vancouver, meeting us in New York mid April…

The theme of Colonize seems to have been taken quite literally!