Month: April 2014

Videos: Artists Interviews and work in Colonize


Colonize opening night 014r



Many, Many thanks to Michael Dykeman from the Dykeman Young Gallery for organising these videos for us,  to Len Barry for the radio interview ( as well as both of them doing so much else for us!)…. and who could forget Debra Eck, who without her, none of this would have been possible.






Colonize Images


‘Colonize’ is spread over two galleries in Jamestown NY – Dykeman Young Gallery   and 3rd on 3rd so it was quite a fete to go through the work and decide what should be hung where.

PV images

We started off the PVs at 3rd on 3rd (18.00 – 20.00) and ended at Dykeman Young ( 20.00-22.00) bridging the two with a performance by Susanne Torstensson.  She lead all of the participants from one gallery to the other.

More images of the work can be seen on the videos artists and work page