Soup Collective

soup flyer 2014

As part of its Liverpool Biennial programme, Soup Collective exhibited ‘This is not my beautiful house’ at  Tate Liverpool

This new Soup Collective exhibition takes its title from the song lyrics of ‘Once in a Lifetime’ by Talking Heads.

Using the Liverpool Biennial’s 2014 ‘A Needle Walks into a Haystack’ and Tate Liverpool’s Biennial programme as points of reference the Soup Collective (SC) artists  presented their own interesting and creative interpretation of the inherent themes and ideas through a variety of media.

Images from the exhibition :

Exhibiting artists :

Steve Ashton,  Sharon Bentley, Michael Borkowsky,  May Chong,  Clare Craig,  Alexander Dodgson, Ruth Edwards, Stephen Edwards, Kieron Finnetty, Catherine Harrison,  Gary Hartley,  John Hughes, Gareth Kemp,  Tifany Kendall,  Jacqueline F Kerr, Colette Lilley, Joanne McClellan,  Ruth Morrissey,   Jason T Richardson,  Alice Roberts,  Roger Sinek, Emma Sumner,  Nick Sykes,  Andrea Walsh, Kate Watson, Janet Wilkinson, Wendy Williams


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