Month: April 2016

SCI: Platforms Project @ Art-Athina 2016

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We are pleased to announce that we will be taking part in this years Platforms project at Art Athena in Athens, Greece 26 -29 May 2016.

Platforms Project @ Art-Athina 2016 will be featuring 51 major platforms and art-group  events from 17 countries, involving over 650 artists and making up a programme which will attempt to offer visitors an insight into artistic creation and the experience of collaboration in the artistic practice without focusing on sales.

Artists representing SCI are:

Wendy Williams
Catherine Harrison
Jacqueline F Kerr
Maria Juchnowska
Michael Borkowsky
Keiron Finnerty
Ruth Morrissey
Hilal Ozelci
Max Reeves
Elizabeth Wheeler
Maria Christoforatou

This has been made possible through support by Arts Council England

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