Month: October 2017

Catch up

Catch up
The title is not just about ‘catching up ‘on this blog, but saying literally what we’ve been doing this year.
So…what’s been happening since ‘Coded’ in Athens this year?

In July, we exhibited our handmade books at the Artists Book fair in Liverpool. It was good to show a range of work from so many artists, but also it was a chance to sit and talk to people. It was successful on so many levels and we’ll definitely do it again next year.

Book fair
One of the people exhibiting with us, was NY based artist Debra Eck. Debra set up the ‘Colonize’ exhibition a few years ago. We then had the opportunity to go across, exhibit, meet artists ( and do some wonderful sightseeing!)
It was good to not only remind people that we’d worked with other artists on an international level, but also it was a useful introduction to her visit to the UK in August.
Debra ran a Coptic stitch workshop at Alternator studios, in which the participants included some of the book artists we’d met at the Book Fair.

coptic workshop

While all of the above was going on, we were continuing our correspondences (and friendships!) with artists we’d met in Athens. Of course, we’d ‘clicked’ with the Nottingham based Harrington Mill group on our first visit to the Athens Art fair, so we had kept in touch (meeting them again in Greece this year) but we’d also got on well with the MNKY BIZ group who were in the next booth.
The group were based in Berlin, so we (SCI & Harrington Mill) headed over to Germany in September to check out what the artists were doing. It was also Berlin Art week, so we got to see a LOT of Art. Its very likely we will go back next year to check out a big exhibition one of the group will be setting up.

Most of the group are exhibiting as individuals as well, so it may not look like things are happening, but rest assured they are !