Month: July 2018

Unweave a Rainbow

soup at tate 18

Last week Tate staff unveiled their latest exhibition at Tate Liverpool, Unweave a Rainbow. Part of the Independents Biennial programme,  coincides with the city-wide Liverpool Biennial 2018 in which Tate Liverpool is a host venue.

The exhibition brings together employees from Liverpool and the London sites. Featuring painting, print, sculpture, ceramics, and video the exhibition responds to the John Keats poem Lamia (1820) from which the title Unweave a Rainbow is taken.

Staff, family and friends attended the launch last week and the exhibition continues until 5 August in the Group Reception Room.

The exhibited artists are: Abbey Tole, Jason Richardson, Daniel John, Lilly Nelson, Catherine Harrison, Mella Moylan, Joe Richardson, John Hughes, Ruth Morrissey, Darren Chapman, Steve Edwards, Matthew Nightingale, Keiron Finnetty, Janet Wilkinson, Tifany Kendall, Louise Waller, Kaitlyn Walker-Stewart, Jackie Kerr, and Wendy Williams.

A few images from the PV…

…and some of the works…  More to be added soon


Thanks to Sam Carr, Tifany Kendall and Wendy Williams for the images