SCI are a branch of Soup Collective  (SC) a long standing Liverpool Artist collective.

We know each other as we work together as staff of Tate Liverpool. Like most large art institutions, all of the staff have an arts background and its only natural that we discuss our work and projects while on our breaks. Discussions lead to exhibition planning…..and that’s basically how we started. The-Tate-Gallery-Liverpoo-007

When the group started  forming relationships and collaborations with similar groups nationally and internationally, the name Soup Collective evolved into Soup Collective including others – SCI. (pronounced SKY)

Sci has a fluctuating membership, but the core group consist of artists who are all based at leading studio groups around Liverpool, UK. Spaces such as Alternator studios and project space and Arena Studios 

Alternator Studio                                                    Arena Studios

alternator studio          arena-logo


Check out  SCI   on facebook  and on twitter @sciartists

Contact us : soupliverpool@yahoo.co.uk

A selection of images from our first collaborations to the most recent….


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