We have worked with many artists and groups over the years. However we have a core group – Wendy Williams   Catherine Harrison  Jackie Kerr and  Michael Borkowsky who set up the exhibitions and co ordinate funding.

Others who have exhibited with us include:
Bruce Davies
Andrew Crighton
Alan Dunn
Carol Ramsay
David Cotton
Elena Thomas
Jacqueline F Kerr
Jean McEwan
Julie Dodd
Kimbal Bumstead
Louise Atkinson
Susanne Torstensson
Michael Walker
Jenny West
Kelly Cumberland
Martyn Rainford
Debra Eck
Franny Swann
Manya Donaque 
Charlotte Furness 
Karol Kochanowski
Chloe McGenn
Sharon Hall Shipp
Richard Shipp
Susan Leask
Jeni McConnell 
Bo Jones
Jo Brown
May Chong 
Chris Paul Daniels
Annie Nelson
David Hancock
Iris Moore
Hannah Stacey
Christine O’Reilly Wilson
Carolyn Shepherd 
Phil Olsen
Anna Granberg
Veronica Lethonen
Sophie Elmen
Pamela Sullivan

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