April to July

Its been an incredibly busy few months for both SCI and Soup Collective. From Stockholm to Sheffield, LightNight Liverpool to London…then back in Liverpool .

Here’s some images from the year….

First stop Stockholm (as SCI) Back in April

Then in May, we (as Soup Collective) took part in Liverpool’s Light Night at Tate Liverpool.  To shake things up a bit, we hid our work and asked the public to find the works using a treasure map. It was a huge success!

In June, we headed to Sheffield for the Castlegate Festival

July… we were invited to exhibit at The Crypt Gallery, London

Heading to Sweden

Hotspot event

In a few days some of the group will be heading over to Vasteras, Sweden to exhibit with ArtMobile.

We first met members of artmobile  when we exhibited at Supermarket, in Stockholm in 2012. Since then, as you know,  we invited them to exhibit with us in our Liverpool Biennial exhibitions, our collaborations with Basement Arts Project in Leeds, and the Colonize NY exhibition last year.

So now we will be visiting them…….

More info and images after our exhibition, but in the meantime, links to artists involved can be found on our artists page.

artmobile invite

Soup Collective

soup flyer 2014

As part of its Liverpool Biennial programme, Soup Collective exhibited ‘This is not my beautiful house’ at  Tate Liverpool

This new Soup Collective exhibition takes its title from the song lyrics of ‘Once in a Lifetime’ by Talking Heads.

Using the Liverpool Biennial’s 2014 ‘A Needle Walks into a Haystack’ and Tate Liverpool’s Biennial programme as points of reference the Soup Collective (SC) artists  presented their own interesting and creative interpretation of the inherent themes and ideas through a variety of media.

Images from the exhibition :

Exhibiting artists :

Steve Ashton,  Sharon Bentley, Michael Borkowsky,  May Chong,  Clare Craig,  Alexander Dodgson, Ruth Edwards, Stephen Edwards, Kieron Finnetty, Catherine Harrison,  Gary Hartley,  John Hughes, Gareth Kemp,  Tifany Kendall,  Jacqueline F Kerr, Colette Lilley, Joanne McClellan,  Ruth Morrissey,   Jason T Richardson,  Alice Roberts,  Roger Sinek, Emma Sumner,  Nick Sykes,  Andrea Walsh, Kate Watson, Janet Wilkinson, Wendy Williams





For more information contact:




Colonize Revisited

SCIBase at Arena poster 2


Bringing Colonize back to the UK……  images of the exhibition courtesy of David Cotton

Colonize Images


‘Colonize’ is spread over two galleries in Jamestown NY – Dykeman Young Gallery   and 3rd on 3rd so it was quite a fete to go through the work and decide what should be hung where.

PV images

We started off the PVs at 3rd on 3rd (18.00 – 20.00) and ended at Dykeman Young ( 20.00-22.00) bridging the two with a performance by Susanne Torstensson.  She lead all of the participants from one gallery to the other.

More images of the work can be seen on the videos artists and work page


The PV invites

Colonize will be spread over two galleries in Jamestown NY – 3rd on 3rd Gallery  and Dykeman Young 

Work shown on the Dykeman Young card is a textile piece by Elena Thomas  and the cover for their sound piece collaboration by Alan Dunn and Martin Rainford is shown on the 3rd on 3rd card.

The list of artists for both exhibitions can be found on the artists page on this site